October 2005

Recorded Anglican

Cathedral Music



These pages reproduce the written catalog of my collection of recorded Anglican cathedral music. Over the years a number of friends have asked for copies of this catalog, and a web page seems the best way to satisfy these flattering requests.

The cataloging method is my own device, and is fairly self-explanatory. The two chief lists are the Recording Listing (which gives information on the recordings and performers) and the Composer Listing (the composers and music). If you are visiting for the first time, you might want to read the Introduction, which describes the scope and aim of the collection. The holding currently includes nearly 3,200 items (78s, 45s, 33s, cassettes, and CDs) by almost 1,500 choirs, representing music by over 3,000 composers.


**The version of my catalog currently on this website is now (2011) six years old. The reason for this lapse is that I have decided such a growing number of files cannot be well-kept as a series of interlocking Word documents, but must be fed into a database, which a local programmer is making for me now. In the meanwhile, the collection continues to grow, currently exceeding 4,100 items. Please feel free to write and ask about something you don't see here, because it is quite possible I have added it since this dated version was uploaded. * *


I revise this catalog with every hundred or so new items. I would like to thank the many friends who have contributed to this collection, including Mike Phelps (of Audio Visual Solutions, here in Washington, DC), who looks after my sound equipment, and Richard Brace and Herschel Gelman, who kindly put up these pages. The collection is promised to the Benjamin Rome School of Music at the Catholic University of America, in Washington DC.

I will be very happy to correspond with other enthusiasts of this type of music, and also to learn of any errors you might find.


Hayden M. Wetzel
Washington DC



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